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Our Philosophy:  Why I founded Arodhum International?

The power to give starts with a simple experience, perhaps a person, a place, or an experience that made a difference in our lives. For me, it all started as a girl scout when I volunteered for Dr. Modi’s eye camp.  Dr. M.C. Modi, pioneered the concept of doctors going into rural communities and providing medical and surgical treatments in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Modi and his team traveled to many towns and villages in southern India and organized eye surgery camps for socio economically disadvantaged people with poor vision and cataracts.  These communities had no infrastructure, so the staff at eye camps mobilized local governing bodies, used local shelters as temporary surgical rooms, and performed hundreds of surgeries with minimal tools and funds. The success of these eye camps was beyond what anyone had imagined.  During my volunteering at one such camp, I realized that I was part of a team with a simple vision: to change one life at a time by giving the gift of better sight.

Much closer and dearer to my heart was my mother, who always gave a portion of her teacher's small salary to needy students to buy school supplies.  She taught me that it was not about the amount you can give, but a willingness to give, and a willingness to make a difference that mattered.

For me the question was always what can I do to shape not only the present but our future as well. My personal experiences, and my professional background convinced me to create an organization that strove to combine education, rural communities, the goal to help one person at a time, and a wonderful network of like minded individuals.

I am fortunate to have many friends and family who believe in this cause. I welcome you to Arodhum International and hope you will be inspired to join our cause. Whether you choose to donate or mentor or volunteer, a large amount or small, I hope you believe more in making a difference in other people's lives, and in the power of education and its importance in bringing about prosperity in our under privileged communities.

- Manju Reddy