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Chaithra is a smart, confident, and a goal oriented student.  She is currently enrolled in an Engineering undergraduate program at the NitteMeenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, (Karnataka state, India) majoring in Electrical and Electronic Sciences.  Chaithra’s favorite subjects are Physics and Mathematics.  She loves to debate and enjoys a good challenge.  In her spare time, she volunteers teaching Math, Science, and English to high school teens.  Chaithra’s goal is to pursue Aeronautical Engineering and hopefully become a pilot.

Chaithra was selected as an Arodhum Scholar in 2011 through a referal from the SumangaliSevaAshrama High School.  Although Chaithra’s father’s illness and disability began to affect the family financially and emotionally, the very illness continued to fuel her dream of becoming a pilot.  As an Arodhum Scholar, Chaithra is thriving in the second semester as an Engineering student.

Narasimha Murthy

Murthy is an energetic, enterprising, and passionate historian. He is currently enrolled in a graduate program (M.A.) in History at the University of Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka. He loves to write essays, and has won school and college essay competitions. In the absence of lecturers, Murthy as an 11th and 12th grade student prepared lectures in History and Geography and taught his classmates on several occasions. Murthy’s goal is to work in the administrative service either at the state or national level (KAS or IAS). He strongly believes in serving and changing peoples’ lives for the better especially in the rural communities.

Murthy was selected as an Arodhum Scholar in 2011.  He walked 2 kms from home to school everyday.  While in the 10th grade, Murthy worked as a construction laborer and a newspaper carrier.  Recognizing Murthy’s tenacity and hard work, his P. E. teacher encouraged him to pursue secondary education (11th and 12th grades).  After his 12th grade, Murthy enrolled in a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) program, even though it meant working long hours.  He continued to work as a laborer and go to college.  He majored in History, Geography, and Political Science and continued to excel in college scoring a high 92% in the final year.  He scored the highest in his college and received 1st rank in Geography and 3rd rank in History for the University of Bangalore.  As an Arodhum Scholar now, Murthy is pursuing a master’s program, an M.A., in the Bangalore University.  On advice of his mentors, Murthy is also taking a Computer Basics certificate course and English proficiency (conversational) classes to help improve his job prospects.  Next year, he plans to enroll in Administrative Service coaching classes. 


Lakshmi is a smart,confident, andan engaging student.  She is enrolled inthe Sheshadripuram College, Bangalore,Indiaas a 2nd year undergraduate student in the Commerce program (B.Com.). She has elected to major in Economics, Finance, and Accounting.  In addition toher academic work, she practices yoga and competes at the state and national level yoga competitions.  She is a dedicated Red Cross volunteer.  During her vacations, Lakshmi volunteers teaching Math, Science, and English to teens from her high school.  Lakshmi’s goal is to work as an Accountant for a multi-national organization.

Lakshmi graduated from SumangaliSeva Ashram High School,  Bangalore and has been an Arodhum Scholar since 2008. As an ArodhumScholar, she began her secondary education(11th and 12th grades) in an English medium institution majoring in Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, and Accountancy.  She scored high marksin her 11th and 12th grades. In 2010, she completed her first year of B.Com. scoringan 86%.


Harini is a quiet, and cautious thinker.  She is currently enrolled in the Commerce undergraduate (B.Com.) program at the Sheshadripuram College, Bangalore, (Karnataka state, India) majoring in Finance, Accounting, and Human Relations.  In addition to her academic studies, Harini likes to write and prides in being a Red Cross volunteer.  She regularly volunteers her time teaching English and Math to teens from her high school and Accounting to her neighborhood students.  Harini’s goal is graduate with an MBA and work for a multi-national company.

Harini too was selected as an Arodhum Scholar in 2008 from the Sumangali Seva Ashrama High School, Cholanayakanhalli, Bangalore. As an Arodhum Fellow, she began her secondary education in an English medium institution majoring in Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, and Accounting. She is currently in her second year of the B.Com Program.


Kavya is our energetic folk singer and dancer.  She is currently a Science undergraduate at the N.M.K.R.V. College for women, Bangalore (Karnataka state, India) majoring in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.  In addition to her academic work, she represents her college’s cultural team.  She likes to write poems.  She is proud to be a RashtriyaSevaSangha (community based service organization) volunteer.

Kavya was selected as an Arodhum Scholar in 2008 from the ShanthinikethanHigh School, MICO Layout, Bangalore.  AsanArodhum Fellow, she began her secondary education (11th and 12th grades) majoring in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.  She has completed several certificate courses in Computer Applications.In 2010, she began her undergraduate degree in Science (B. Sc.) and scored 70% in her first year. She is currently in second year

Kavya’s advice to other students?  “You have to have confidence in yourself.  ATTITUDE is the most important thing in my life. It is something that I think and feel is to help my family/friends and everyone by having a positive attitude towards the community and as a good citizen to my country.  Main thing is that attitudes tell us that we can achieve our dreams if we work towards it.”

“I wish to fulfill my parents’ dreams.  I wish to be in a position that I could help someone else in a way that I got help.  My special gift in my life would be this scholarship from this foundation.”

I want to express my thoughts about life now through these lines…

Life is beautiful, just like the sea

It is a great gift given to you and me

Happiness comes and goes like the waves

We don’t know what destiny for us paves….


Supriya is aquiet, intelligent, anda mosthard working student we have yet met.  She is currently studying Medicine (M.B.B.S), at the Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences, Raichur, (Karnataka state, India).She is anexcellent track athlete.  She would like to train as a cardiologist so she can provide medical care in rural communities.


Supriya was selected as an Arodhum Scholar in 2010.  Supriyawas brought to our attention by a write up about her in a local newspaper (link to article here).  Determined to be a doctor,Supriya traveled from her remote village to Gollahalli(a district center inKarnataka state) 40 kms each way to get her secondary education (11th and 12th grades). In addition to her academic work, she worked in the fields to support her family financially. Her sheer grit helped her score high grades in her 11th and 12th grades.While she scored high in the state common entrance exam, her family was facing the reality of a Medical degree’s tuition costs.  Relatives and friends advised her to work in a garment factory.  Unwilling to give up her dream, Supriyasought a social worker to help her. The social worker brought her story to alocal newspaper.  As a proud ArodhumAcholar, Supriyahas completed her first year of M.B.B.S (medical school).  She is currently in her second year of medical training.