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To unleash the potential of higher education in rural and economically disadvantaged communities to bring about socio-economic changes.

Arodhum International is dedicated to providing higher education to under priviledged youth in communities worldwide. Our goal is to nurture future leaders who we hope will play a critical role in creating vibrant communities

Arodhum’s mission is two fold: one is to identify, select, and sponsor disadvantaged  youth who demonstrate extraordinary potential and willpower but lack the financial and learning resources. The second is to bring rich learning experiences to rural students so they can be better equipped with skills to compete in the competitive world.


Arodhum’s goals include providing scholarships for higher education in well recognized institutions. The scholarship generally includes academic, vocational and life-skills education to low income segment of the population.  To prevent Arodhum Scholars from falling behind in academics, to expose our scholars to broad and different horizons, to foster motivation, increased self-esteem and responsibility, Arodhum provides individualized support in the form of a mentorship program.

Arodhum achieves these goals by being an active supporter and mentor to our scholars. Our scholars have access to:
  • High-quality instruction in basic secondary school subjects;
  • Access to mentors who advice and guide them and help negotiate the storms of everyday life;
  • Cross-cultural experiences which broaden horizons and help them engage with the world and offer new opportunities;
  • Educational, Vocational and Artistic expression opportunities outside the school environment;
  • Instruction in life skills and skills directly related to employment;
  • Assistance in finding jobs, internships and counseling for older scholars.